You need to describe the types of photography you will be doing before any intelligent suggestions can be made: nature, street, portrait, journalism, night, macro, astro, micro, technical ...? Are size or weight important, do you need a 'system' camera, what about AF or VR, matrix metering, TTL flash, fast motor drive, extreme telephoto ...?

So far you have mentioned f 1.2 lenses, but you haven't mentioned your use for an ultra-fast lens. Ultra-fast lenses will limit you to Nikon, Canon and Leica [although Minolta and others also made f 1.2's they aren't common]. Most f1.2 lenses aren't very good performers compared to a maker's f1.4. The exception being the Noctilux $5,000+ style lenses that are optimized for very little comma when shooting wide open and are made for taking nighttime pictures of city lights; but these lenses are only so-so compared to a standard f1.4/f1.8 lens when used for general shooting.