I walked into a local Target store today and noticed that all most all their 35 film was marked down for clearance. This wasn't short dated stuff either, most had a 2006 expiration date. It looked like the only thing they weren’t getting read of was disposables and Kodak 400 Max and 400 BW. I don't know if it was just this store or not. I picked up some Kodak 400 UC 36exp 3 packs for 10 bucks. I wish they had some Gold 100 but sadly most stores eliminated this film last year. I already now have a freezer full of Gold 100. For those of you that still love slow color films they did have some Fuji 100. I've spent my photo money for the month but I plan on going back in a couple weeks to see what’s left, hopefully its marked down cheaper. Anybody looking to fill up the freezer might want to check it out. If the stuff goes fast maybe they will rethink and keep film around a while longer