Maco in Germany is selling this peculiar chemistry called Rapidry. It claims to dry freshly developed film in 5min so that it is ready for enlarging or scanning, and supposedly makes the film antistatic. Drying film is a major pain for me, since I don't have any dust-free space and the shower is being used constantly. This Rapidry thing looks great to me, but I have some doubts. Maco says the following:

Pour the rinse water out of the developing tank.
Pour RAPIDRY into the developing tank, then close the tank.
Agitation: Invert the tank 3-4 x.
Pour the RAPIDRY solution back into the original RAPIDRY bottle.
Take the reels out of the tank immediately.
Affix the film clip to the film end.
Hang up the film and affix the film clip with counterweight at the other end of the film.
Hang up the film at a dry, dust free place.
If you want to use a film dryer / film drying cabinet please turn the heating off and use cold air.
The film drying process takes about 5 minutes, depending on humidity and temperature.
Afterwards the films are dry enough for further work like enlarging or scanning. Furthermore they are also antistatic and the emulsion is hardened.
RAPIDRY is usable as long as drying times are not significantly extended.
Has anyone used this stuff? What is it exactly? Does it work as advertised, and more importantly, does it have any detrimental effects on the film? What about archival stability?

Any insight would be much appreciated.