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mostly portraits/ weddings and candids. Almost all people related. I currently own a Etrsi, 500CM, Mamiya 67, and a Speed Graphic. I would like to be able to shoot a little quicker, and get a few more shots than the 12-15 per roll w/o sacrificing a ton of quality. Though being a MF and LF shooter, Im wonder if Ill find 35mm adequate .. Im not sure.
You'll find it adequate up to 11x14 with good glass depending on film.

If you need to do fast work the 35mm is the ticket. You know the MF excels in portraits and you can change out film loaded backs between color and B&W. CGW puts the finger on it with Nikon for flash but I'm sure Canon can be good; Maybe Minolta's got them both beat? The only thing I would do is steer clear of the Nikon 50 1.8 D and instead buy the older "N" model with better build and AFAIC better quality control.
Truthfully Nikon lost my business when they pulled the old bs buy it now and buy it tomorrow up-grade game. Examples are the 8008, N80, N90 and F4 where they almost immediately succeeded each with the new "S" version or just super-seceded the model altogether, (N80), hop scotching to the newest/greatest with better matrix exposure and tanking the model for people that just bought it; I believe in the same year if I remember right? Then they used crappy plastic that can get sticky which has affected models F100 and down. Where's the beef in the line? Probably the F5, F6 and FM3A at a price. I have no knowledge of the F3 for flash and the F4 is suppose to be a brick.