Can anybody explain why Technidol would be selling for such high prices on ebay? A few months ago I was trolling the back room of a local camera store here and found a few packages of Technidol (the little box with blister packs of liquid concentrate inside). The store wanted $2 so I bought them for sentimental value.

I don't know, I thought expired developer would be worthless. I wonder how old this stuff would be anyway. I can remember as late as the early 90s I would buy Technidol in boxes that had little glass bottles of concentrate instead of these blister packs. Anyhow I was going to throw these little boxes away when I recently saw a classified post on here asking >$100/box. Then I checked ebay and saw some similar prices. WTF? You can make your own POTA for dirt cheap, and that's pretty much all Technidol is. It was never that good a developer anyway.