Next year my goal is to do a few regional arts and crafts festivals. I have a few questions.

- I can only print up to 11x14. Is that going to be a problem? I was thinking matting prints to fit a standard size frame (8x10, 11x14, and 16x29) as well as framing a few. I know many photographers at festivals will frequently show 16x20 and larger prints.

- Do general buyers even appreciate the superiority of a silver gelatin print over the rest of the ink jet stuff at the show? Even if I educate them? I ask because I was hoping this would be one area that would make me unique from all the other digital photographs at the show.

- Would RC prints be ok for these kind of shows? They are much easier for me to make as well as I could price them cheaper. If not, what would be the advantage to using fiber base paper for a show like this, besides taking true pride in my work? I was actually thinking RC for anything 8x10 and smaller, and FB for 11x14.

Any other advice would be great!