Most modern consumers don't know the difference, and couldn't see it if they tried. They would most likely believe RC to be superior with the plastic coating. I also don't think 11x14 to be a hinderance, they have to carry the photo around and larger sizes prove awkward and may just sit on the rack unsold. I used to sell lots of matted and sleeved prints over framed, frames are personal and must fit into a decor, frame your examples, sell matted in sleeves(upsale in frames). Use the FB prints as upsale items, price accordingly. Have a bunch of self stick labels for the back of the photos. Take custom orders that are pre-paid and ship later.

BTW: Don't forget to come to Emporium for "Weekend in the Wilds" in July, I think we are the weekend before State College's art and craft show. See you there.