I've got the 100 collecting dust somewhere, with 58mm and 90mm lenses. I find it a little too bulky for my liking, although the hand grip for it works pretty well. It's just a pain (or rather arm fatigue) to hand hold it for a significant amount of time.

Otherwise, it's pretty solid, and rapid between shots, although I've never really needed the speed.

I've only had one problem with it. With the 58mm lens on, if the camera is pointing up sharply (or maybe down, I can't remember), something about the focusing mechanism gives problems to the back (again, I have the 100 version, not sure about the others). When focusing from up close back to infinity, part of the camera would push backwards towards the back, preventing it from going all the way back to infinity. At first, I tried to force this and it wound up bending something in the film holder so that it was no longer flush with the back of the camera. This only ruined 1 roll of film, and I was able to bend back the part pretty easily. Anyways, you can get around this problem by pointing my camera down (or up, if the problem occurs in the other direction, I can't remember), and then focusing back to infinity.

If I remember correctly, I found the users manual for the 100 and 200 online somewhere.