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I don't consider that guy a thug...
The guy with a pistol isn't, but a guy with a camera is?

perhaps he was the John Wayne of the neighborhood. I wish him peace, I wish common folks peace at the farmers market, or the strawberry festival.
What it comes down to is "what kind of skin bag" you were born into, and where it has taken you.
Guys carrying guns in gym bags and threatening people with them are usually not on their way to church. I don't blame him for not liking people who (in his perception) come into his hood like they were going to the zoo.
But look, the man threatened you and violated your rights. I'm not saying you could have done anything about it except what you did, which was the wise thing under the circumstances. Get real-he was not a nice guy, and you'd do well to recognize that. All this warm-fuzziness toward a guy who just might have shot you had you not done as ordered only goes to show that you didn't belong there.