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PE- no I do not do a running water in the first rinse between the developer and fixer. I will start using a stop bath.

For a test. After I washed it held my finger on the corner of the print. (I am printing 8x8 in the center of a 8x10 so all four corners are white) I held it there so it would create heat on the print, and if any developer was still on it it would turn dark brown/black. After my first wash there was no color changes or shifts. Tell me if this logic is correct.

You are the one to know, Why would putting the paper in the fixer cause it to get darker?

PS- Thanks PE for chiming in and helping. I also got some Liquidol to test also, I might make a batch of that and see what it does.
Well, the lack of running water may be the problem, as that developer is pretty potent! As for why, you are carrying developer into your fixer and the fixer is alkaline too! You are turning your fixer into a monobath.

Your finger test is not quite on the mark. The heat may be insufficient. Not sure, but it just does not look right to me OTOMH.

Glad to try and help. Best wishes.

I've had the same problem and debugged this type of problem too many times for others.