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That wasn't what we found when we tested them a few years ago, we found HC-110 gave larger grain and a slight drop in film speed. That's what Kodak indicate as well in there data (and still do).

Until recently, Kodak literature said little about the differences between general-purpose film developers. However, the 2001 Kodak Professional Photographic Catalog contains a comparison chart.

Compared to D-76, this chart indicates that HC-110 (dilution B) produces:

o Slightly less shadow detail or true film speed;
o Slightly finer grain;
o Slightly lower acutance.

Apparently, HC-110 has somewhat more solvent action than D-76, but less than Xtol.

Opinions differ about the effect of HC-110 on grain. Some photographers report coarser grain than with D-76; others report finer grain. This is probably a function of dilution and agitation.

Opinions also differ regarding acutance, since many photographers report that HC-110 produces high acutance, especially at high dilutions. This is a function of solvent action, which is reduced by diluting the developer.

The above quote is from the Covington HC-110 website. The unitalicized portion is directly from Kodak literature.

It appears that one's opinion seems to depend on the dilution used. I have always been very happy with the results that I get with HC-110.