hi bill

years ago i met up with a product photographer ( 1988? )
whose primary light source was a large 6x6' case filled
with fluro - lights. he shot chrome film ( sheets ) and his work was sought after ...
he didn't have ultra long exposures at all, and had deep DOF ...

i don't think it would be hard, especially today, to create an array like david mentions sanders uses.
and cf bulbs don't run as hot as others, so you can create some sort of diffusion to soften the light even more.

for a while i was doing a lot of paper negative portraits ( probably will start again soon ? ) and i used
modeling lights off of my monolights through soff boxes, long exposures, especially with graded paper, but
worked great ( 2 lights ).

good luck !

ps. lowel "L" light kits come up on ebay all the time
they are the original lowel lights, they also work GREAT
and the price is usually less than 40$ for 10-12 lights in a case.
( lowel still sells replacement parts too )