Good morning Ron,
While this subject is being discussed, I am running low on my stash of Sands 3057 . I hope that it is still availible to individuals. But if not, you mentioned another green and a red sensitizing dye you were getting for your own panchromatic work. Are they obtainible by individuals like me? Are they similar in price to the Sands Dyes.
I would hate to have to go back to grinding spinach and little red beetles!
BTW: Way back on the First day of your Workshop a t the Formulary, you warned me of the difficulty I would face in making a panchro emulsion. You were absolutely correct! Here it is, how many years later, and I am still working on it! But, If I had to do a color separation project today, I could do it with my current emulsion. It is just not as fast as I would like it to be. Filter factor for the blue separation filter is X22! That, coupled with the fact that I have stubournly refused to use gelatin, has made this a long project! Its a very good thing, for me, that I would rather do research than make art!