Thank you PE,
I knew of pan sensitizers. I think that you have mentioned them on your Forum here. But I believe that you also indicated that they tend to be secrets of individual Companies ( like Kodak).
But I will enquire about this with Sands.
Early on, I cut my leval of 3057 from your recommended 200mg/ per mole of Ag to 150mg. Then I got the cyan colored emulsion instead of a red color.. But this is highly dependent on Ag/halide grain size. And my grain size is smaller than it used to be. But I do get the bright cyan color that I am supposed to get. My leval of 3008 green sensitizing dye has remained at 100mg/mole of Ag. And I have not tried to reduce it yet
I can live with the speed that I am getting now, as I can get a full gray scale at 1 second at f45. But I want more speed because my preffered subject matter requires bellows extention as well as small apature for macro photography.
Good weekend,