I have a problem with my recently home-processed B&W film. I've been DIY processing for a year now and haven't had this problem yet.

I have attached a jpg of what the negatives look like and a jpg of a frame inverted into a positive.

I took a roll of concert photos with Delta 400 (pushed to 800) in my Leica M6. I then processed using Ilford DD-X for 10.5 minutes at 68F 20C agitating four inversions every minute (Ilford's instructions). I used 20C tap water as a stop bath of 5-6 fills and dumps (Patterson tank). I then used a freshly diluted AGFA fixer for fixing for 4 minutes.

After processing, I first noticed that the negatives do not have a distinct frame line as if each photo bleeds into the next. Also there is streaking around the sprocket holes. Plus their seems to be fogging inf the middle of the picture.

Can anyone tell me what possibly happened and/or give me some suggestions on how to prevent it in the future.