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Good point. I love going to Canada, but I have learned that shipping items there can be expensive especially when UPS [? or was it FedEx] collects unnecessary customs fees.

Contact your countrymen/countrywomen in APUG like Eric Rose, Matt King [aka mattking] for guidance on this.

Never use UPS if you can help it unless you can get one of the international expedited rates that include brokerage. Otherwise they change a rediculous brokerage fee, often more than the entire cost of the item and shipping.

Freestyle does offer US Postal Service shipping. It is a bit cheaper than UPS and much safer for brokerage fees.

B&H has a ground shipping option with included taxes and fees. It is convenient for me here in Ontario, just 2-3 days ground shipping from NY. Might not be so good for Vancouver.

Henrys offers Expresspost shipping. There must still be a decent photo store in Vancouver, hopefully one of the local members will chime in.