I have the capability to print all sizes up to 20x24, but lately smaller prints have been getting my attention. Bill Burk, who says that 5x7's don't get B&D'ed, I spend nearly as much time on them as an 11x14 or 8x10(except for spotting)and sometimes they are much harder to get just right. As DWThomas reports, they are perfect for the proper subject. I wouldn't even consider printing grand landscape on anything less than 8x10, more often 11x14. Architectural subjects can be printed to nearly any size, depending on the amount of detail you want portrayed. Some scenes beg to be printed small, the photo below was printed 8x8 and 5x5, it ceased being dramatic after that, I scrapped the 11x11. I have many examples of work that just plain look like crap at large sizes, but are extremely dynamic in smaller sizes.