PHSNE Photographica is coming soon!

Everybody moans about not being able to find stuff, but this show is always a great source of gear, advice and good fellowship with camera folks from all over the place. I always help a fellow with his tables and have never come away from the two-day event without finding something great. Last year I picked up a few goodies for $25 or less, including an Extreme Wide Angle Scientific Lens Co. lens for 8x10, a Wollensak "Sunray" projection Petzval for 4x5, and a Leitz 210mm projection triplet. The dollar table yielded two more Petzval projection lenses and a small pile of adapters, holders and a big box of rotary developing tubes for up to 11x14. If you want to see what a show is like, go here. That's me, along with Barry Dial, behind the guy in the red sweater (Dick Welsh.)

I have been going to these shows now for about ten years. It's true that there aren't as many dealers as there used to be in the "old days" but there are more than you can imagine even now. Dealer space is completely sold out. Coming to this show can cause and cure GAS at the same time!

If you need gear, need some advice, want to ask about service or something special– old or new you won't find a better place to be than the
PHSNE Photographica
November 5th and 6th
Americal Center
Wakefield MA