So what doesn't work about it? You mean, no red light when switched on and no "zip" when the button is pushed? Have you mounted it to the camera yet?

I recently went through the experience of mating a MD11 to a FE. It took a LOT longer than I thought because, well... they seem fickle.

One thing to check is to put fresh batteries in it, turn it on, and place a quarter over the electrical contacts. That should cycle the drive (if it is going to work at all) and prepare it for mounting on the camera.

I can't remember the mounting "secret" though - the camera either has to be cocked, or not.

I terms of repiar, I don't know. But they seem to be quite affordable that if you can't get that one going it might be just as well to buy another.

Once I got mine going it has functioned 100% reliably.