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Is it me or are all the large to mural sized prints these days extremely mundane and boring?! I was at the Met a month or two ago to get a last viewing of the night photography exhibit, and when I drifted over to the contemporary art section, the majority of the huge C-prints we bland, and just seemed to be there because they were huge. I guess thats art for ya, the bigger you go the more there is perceived importance of the piece.
This certainly has been my observation. I print mostly 8X10. Sometimes 11X14. I also have a series of small prints matted to 5X7 in cute little frames.
I look at other mediums such as oil, watercolor and colored pencil, and I see a lot of small, intimate pictures. Why can't photography be appreciated that way? In our house, we have several small art works. They are in the bedroom and bathroom, and really look good.
My theory is that you just have to wait for the right person to come along.