I think Kodak will go, merely because their manufacturing scale (overheads) is too large for the leftover market. However, Ilford shows it can be done profitably on a small scale and Fuji is doing OK without US-gov or motion picture business (yay for selling shitloads of RA4 paper) so if Kodak stops, there will be a huge boost in business for both Fuji and Ilford. Kodak isn't averse to subcontracting out manufacturing either - all the Kodak RA4 chems I bought recently were made by someone else in China and I see no reason for them to stop if Kodak gets out of the market, since all the digital printing is still happening on RA4.

Things will change but there will still be film. There's still paint and brushes, right? There are enough cameras to last out my lifetime at least.

Can we have a bit less of the doom and gloom around here?