I did like this quote

Eastman Kodak, Chris Johnson, Director of New Business Development, Entertainment Imaging, counters that "I don't see a time when Kodak stops making film stock," noting the year-on-year growth in 65mm film and popularity of Super 8mm. "We still make billions of linear feet of film," he says. "Over the horizon as far as we can see, we'll be making billions of feet of film."

And in terms of quantity references, they still print billions of feet and hence with his ratios it's still half a billion feet of film being using by the stills industry. That's still tens of milllions (about 50) of rolls of film per year and given the move industry film as well, that works out (given a 30% profit) of very approx a billion dollar profit industry. Even if they only make 5% on the film stock (and they don't do any marketing so it should be more) it is still a $200m profit business.