The story is actually positive, but the old names are retiring. The demise of film isn't true.

Speaking about still, now: Fuji & Kodak <em>will</em> be leaving the business, but that's merely because their manufacturing lines are scaled to pre-digital levels of demand and they would have to guess at future levels and rebuild plants to address the new markets in a financially viable way. The numbers inevitably look small to them, given where they've been.

There are several good examples of companies picking up the old manufacturing assets and addressing the new, yes GROWING, markets for particularly black & white camera film.

o Rollei, see ADOX below
o ADOX Fotowerke GmbH (ADOX in Leverkusen): Adox bought the machinery from the old AGFA plant and hired some of AGFA Leverkusen's former employees.
o Fotikemika (Efke in Croatia)
o Foma Bohemia (Fomapan in the Czech Republic)
o Impossible Project (new Polaroid-type instant formulas in Enschede, Netherlands),
o New55 Project (new better-than Polaroid Type 55 instant, still in development)
o there are good film stocks coming out of Shanghai (probably based on some of the above classic formulations)

The trend defies mainstream logic; but of course mainstream thought has always struggled against a bias toward coherence.

The landscape is changing, but film will not be going away in <em>this</em> generation.