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The funny thing for me is...I now own more film cameras and related stuff now than when I did ten years ago after "Going Digital." It is what it is for sure...no sense losing sleep.
Besides...for less than 10% of the cost of new in many cases, you can get some really cool gear to play with, and have nothing much to worry about financially at least, if and when when the rollers do stop.
Mee too! I found that medium format was the way to go when developing at home. My small errors won't get noticed on such large negs. Mamiya 645, Zeiss Ikonta (6x6), Agfa (6x9), Fuji (6x9) etc etc. Fun to play with, I even do C-41, and my 5D mark II gathers dust in the mean time There is a certain /something/ in the process of it all.