Thank you all.

Rudeofus: Ideed. Normally I use the metering to decide whether to go with 1, 2 og 3 stops of gradfilters (I use gradfilters even on digital some times, even though bracketing and merging is easy-peasy i photoshop). I am unsure if metering (reflected?) objects will be feasible, because in the situation like in the example photo, light levels are very very low (I think that exposure was around 10-15 seconds @ f16, with a 2 stop pola-filter and a 3 stops of grad-filters), my experience is that my Seconic will often put out "Eu" in situations like that. ("Eu" = "what??" )

Ok, looks like I'm going to bring my 1ds or my 1v with me (I'll probably chicken out and bring my 1ds mk II and make a full test-shot before burning film, even though it is.....cheating ).
If I was to buy another light meter, I would probably just dish out for a flashmaster or something (I use my light meter a lot in general), but it is rather expensive, so I'll try and make due and hold out as long as possible

- I will be keeping an eye out and see if I can pick up a good used one that has spot metering, if I can find a really cheap and accurate one, then that will be my hassy-meter

Kind regards.