Overweek I was clearing out my storage closet and found a pile of my old New Photographer mags from the 70s to the eary 80s when I was still working as a PJ. I was stuck by the number of ads in the mid to late 70s for Minolta, Olympus, and Pentax compared to Nikon and Canon. In the late 60s and early 70 there were a number of PJ who used Spots, but after the shift to the K mount I dont recall seeing many Pentax K, Ms or LX. Nikon and Canon were the standard of the trade. I had a couple of Spots and a set of lens which I bought while still in college and held onto even after I moved to Nikon. I thought about a MX and ME set, but at the time I was able to rent Nikon lens when I needed an exotic lens, so I bought the F3 instead. I still have all my M42 gear, and use my Spots on occassion. If an Mx is as rugged as a spot and in good condition will last for decades to come.