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I have been using Walmart for my C41 rolls of 120/220. Fuji lab used to pick up the films 3 times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at my local Walmart here in Denver suburb. Turnaround time used to be ~ 2 weeks or less. Lately, the turnaround time has gotten worse. I was dropping off a roll yesterday and the Walmart guy informed me that Fuji lab has cut down on the number of days they pick up or drop off the processed films. Now they are picking up 2 days a week: Wednesday and Friday. What a shame!

The actual days may vary from place to place. But can someone else verify if this is a local phenomenon or if Fuji lab is actually cutting down on Walmart pickup frequency?
It's not just local. Fuji has completely revamped their film processing service, cutting their nationwide system of labs to a single lab in (IIRC) North Carolina. They have also discontinued several subcontracting services via Dwayne's, including all motion picture developing. The problem is that if 35mm C-41 goes to a one week turnaround, people will not be inclined to wait, especially seeing as how digital is instant.