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My suggestion is to temper a couple of gallons of water. Keep two or more one gallon jugs of tap water in the fridge, and then bring it up to temp as needed. It is easy to mix some warmer water to obtain temp needed. Some folks think that only developer temp is critical, that's true to a point, but keeping all chems at or near(+-1 deg)is important to avoid reticulation of the emulsion. Some films are more sensitive to temp changes than others, so I err on the safe side and temper all my liquids the same.
A. In thousands of rolls of film I have never had any problem with wash water or stop water being a different temp than developer. Nor have I ever checked the temp on wash or stop other than to see that it was not hot.

B. Toss a few ice cubes in a ziplock bag and use that to lower your developer temp.

C. Use Diafine, or some other developer that is either temperature independent or that is a higher temp developer with a development curve that goes through your normal water temps.

D. Just use bottled water.