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...Collectors are less interested in size in general since much of what they own tends to sit in boxes not displayed on the wall. They are more interested in content. ...
This could be what attracts me to 11x14.

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...photo albums from the 1940's when most of the prints were 6 x 9 contact prints, the edges carefully trimmed with pinking shearers. ...
The look I am familiar with is deckle edge, interestingly a stack of them from the same lab line up perfectly so I am fairly sure the paper came that way. Deckle edge trimmers exist (like paper cutters) but the cheap aluminum craft scissors don't effectively re-create the edge. The single-weight ferrotyped fiber paper is a difficult find these days too.

I was thinking of 6x9 contact prints too, but since I shoot 4x5 I had to make reductions to fit this size. I was going to cut deckle edges, and picked up a deckle edge trimmer to do that. But unlike Rick, I didn't take great care printing my miniatures. I don't mean to project feelings about my own results on anyone else's miniatures. Just that mine left me disappointed. Of course those photolab pictures from the '40s weren't carefully printed either and they are quite beautiful.