Wow thanks for all the replies! yes the Ilford and Kodak papers i have both say 68deg (20C for my Aussie friends,is Peter Lik here?) . Like the idea of freezing water bottles, i'll try that.
One person said he uses distilled water for wash. I use it to make the chems but how do wash? I'm assuming he's rocking them in trays of dist water?

Another Q,maybe new thread? How do u know when your Dev ,fixer, etc is exhausted? Besides ruining a roll of film that is?
They make indictator stop Bath, why not the others??? Someone here could get RICH! ;>
Or do u use one time chems?

3 sorry: Someone said they use 1:1 mix of developer.I've been using full strength (Dektol and D-76 for Ilford and Kodak Tmax 100 35mm and 120),. Is that bad,good,? Chems pretty cheap so not worried about that ,as little as I do. thanks again for all your help. IOW, is there an effect to diluting the developer besides cost?