Just to compile and summarize for the OP and others with significantly higher than "standard" temperature tap water:

Keeping processing temperatures close throughout the entire process is more important than developing at 20C/68F. The danger is thermal shock to the emulsion which can cause reticulation (and does! don't ask me how I know...). Try to stay within +/- 2C at least.

Developing at higher temperatures requires a shorter developing time. There are tables published to determine the correct time at higher temps. If developing times are too short, use a higher dilution or different developer (make sure you have enough developer stock for the amount of film you are developing though). Other steps are not so temperature-sensitive.

If your emulsion becomes too soft at higher temperatures and regularly suffers damage, search for formulas for tropical developing (easy to find with Google). 85F is quite high, and may not be good for some softer-emulsion films. I would imagine that Kodak and Ilford products would hold up well.


Doremus Scudder