I love my Hasselblad system, never could afford such precision equipment for years until they came up second and even third hand suffering the whip of the Digital Revolution in photography. The quagmire is that as I age and also come to grips with my heart conditions trekking through the woods and mountains with the Hassy system is getting a bit, shall I say adventurous. So should I sell it all and go to a Fuji GF670?

The last few treks I have taken I have rarely changed lenses (40, 50, 80, 120 and 150mm lenses) and if I am truthful I have taken most of my images with the 80mm prime anyway. So I often only carry the 50mm and the 80 stays mounted, the rest in the car at the trail head.

Pros: The GF670 is lighter, has a meter, looks cool, gets nice reviews and above all packs easy. Iím a Leica M lover too so that has an attraction to me.

Cons: The GF670 has a dependence on a battery for the shutter. Will they keep making CR2 batteries for years? (Hell itís not a Hassy) Never heard any reviews about cold weather performance yet of the GF670

So let me hear your feedback. Would you consider such a move? Any experience with the Fuji camera? Love your folder you have, whatever model, got some real trekking successes with it that might make me jump for joy and pull the trigger?