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I'm confused. What should I do to get an optimal exposure?

1. Set the camera to ISO 1000 and develop it as a ISO 3200 film.
2. Set the camera to ISO 3200 and develop it as a ISO 3200 film.
There are 2 concepts here to understand.

1-Development controls the contrast rate, the steepness of the film curve.

2-Setting the EI (ISO is the film's labratory rating, an EI is what you decide to shoot it at) is simply a exposure placement choice. More exposure, EI 1000, will place subjects higher up the curve, lower exposure, EI 3200, will place the same subjects in the same scene lower on the film curve.

Even Ilford's directions are simply starting points; like adding seasonings to food, you adjust both of these to suit your own taste.