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It's been awhile since I had done a roll of 35mm color and when dropping one off at Walmart yesterday, was told that the local store wasn't doing negatives any more and there was a one week turnaround for sending out. I was fortunate as my small town Walmart had a very engaged German woman who was meticulous in managing the photo department and the results were as good as I got through any lab, pro or not. You city folk have some options, (though dwindling, I'm sure) but I live in a small city <10,000 with few alternatives. I never cared much for the send-out results from Fuji so I'll need to start a search for alternatives.
I understand your pain, small towns have less options these days. But believe me the big cities are not that better off.

While you are searching for options for your 35mm C41 processing, do consider mpix.com. I have no affiliation with them and I have started using their 35mm film processing recently. I highly recommend their service. You sign up for an account at their website, request their film mailers and send your 35mm film in. They process the negatives and notify you by email. You can only view the thumbnails after you unlock and pay for the processing ($0.19 x frames) and they mail you the negatives. You can order prints of the pictures you like. Turnaround time is excellent (~1 day) as long as the film gets to them quickly.