After a ten+ year hiatus from 35mm, I recently purchased a Nikon FA on the auction site to use with my excellent collection of Nikon glass. I have been shooting medium and large format mostly with color film but started B&W again when I started shooting large format about 6 years ago. I have shot mostly HP-5 but started using the new Tmax 400 about a year ago.

My intension is to use my new FA with B&W and rummaging around in my film freezer I came across two 100 ft rolls of Agfa APX400 that I had used previously in a technical use with D-19 and never used the film pictorially.

I could use some information as to how you might have shot and processed the APX400 and if you think that it might be still good (exp 1/2007, frozen since new). I suspect that it is good but I will not know until I shoot some.

The developers that I use now for B&W are PyroCat HD, Ilford DDX, and XTOL which I think are probably all the developers that I would like to use with the possible exception of some 510-pyro and Tmax developer.

I would also like to try some of the EFKE 820 infrared film and would really appreciate any information as to how to shoot and process that film.

Any information or links to information on the APX400 or the EFKE infrared would be greatly appreciated.