I have sold prints at craft fairs over the last few years and while I agree that most folks wouldnít know the difference between RC, fibre or inkjet prints, a lot of them are intrigued when I explain the ďoldĒ darkroom process. But the images themselves are the most important thing to begin with. I do all my printing on fibre but I donít see any problem with you making RC prints.

I usually show around twenty mounted prints with two or three of them framed. Framing can be expensive but Iíd recommend you frame some to show how the finished product looks, and they do look so much better framed. My sales have probably been 50% matted and 50% framed. I mostly print 12x9.5 inch with one or two big prints.

Try and have your prints spread out and all in view. Flicking through a stack of prints is a no/no IMO, but I do appreciate space can be an issue.

The idea mentioned above of displaying your "old" camera is a good one as it will get people asking you about it and the prints.

Having a flyer or business card is important. On one occasion a guy didnít want his wife to see him buying her a print so he rang me a few days later to order one. Another time a lady didnít have enough money with her but rang me the next day wanting to buy a print she liked.

Donít price your work cheaply, its not worth it.