I have no problem waiting for 7+ days for nice prints to come back. I like the delayed gratification part of the experience in shooting film. But since we are talking about Walmart services, I am getting a little jittery when turnaround time is exceeding 3 weeks. I just got off the phone with Fuji lab for a 120 roll I had dropped off 3 weeks ago and I was told its still in production. I inquired about another roll that I dropped 2 weeks ago and they have no record of it!

I know we should not be complaining about it too much given $2 we pay for the processing of 120 roll, but this much wait is killing me. And Fuji lab also confirmed that they have cut down the pick up/delivery service from Walmart to 2 days a week. This is all adding to the turnaround time. I think I will have to look into other options besides Walmart for 120/220 processing, worst come worst consider home souping C41.