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Why not have both? Keep the Hassie for non-trek photos, and use the Fuji for hiking.
To be honest the money and the reality that I do not shelp things up and down hills as good as I used to. I have begun thinking I could keep the 500 C/M and off the 40mm, 2 backs, ELM, the 150mm, and the metered prisim and raise enough cash and leave me wiht the 80mm one back and the C/M plus the 120 Makro (great lens).

This might be a good way to reach both objectives. I just really look forward to a more compact camera this winter and future hikes. My last hike was a bit of an eye opener as to how I am not the kid in the kids body anymore, now I am just the kid in the old man's body. But the kid now has to justify his toys.