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Here is the weight breakdown... the 40 = 2lb,1/4oz, 50 = 1lb,12oz (both have the same focusing range and the 40 has approx 10 degrees more angle of view), 80 = 1lb,2oz, 120 = 1lb,8 1/4oz, 150 =1lb,11 1/4oz, 500CM with an A12 and waist level viewfinder = 2lb,2oz.

Interesting, the Fuji is 35.3 oz as per B&H. That is 2.2 lbs. The 500 C/M, film back, WLF, 80mm and 50mm comes out to be flat 5 pounds with bigger bulk. Loosing the 50mm to match the profile of the fixed 80mm lens on the Fuji it comes in at 3lbs 4 oz. So the savings are not extensive; 1.2 pounds it just the shape and size difference that I believe will be the deciding factor.

Thanks for the input.