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I'm interested, but I'm confused about this film. Are there instructions on the cassette to process as C41 (even though it's really slide film)? I'm thinking about the unwitting lab tech at Target who processes my 35mm film. I checked out Lomography's website, but they're not clear on this point.
The canisters say something like 'process c-41 or e6'. I develop at home, so haven't tried taking it to a store to have it processed. I suspect you would be fine at Target, but if you went to a pro-lab they would spot it a mile off. In that case they would either refuse or charge more for cross-processing so i'd stick to Target for now.

A lot of people say that cross processing film damages the chemicals and doubtless there are many more experts around here when it comes to colour chemistry, but in my experience the results I was getting from colour negatives in the same chemicals have been fine and it was the deterioration due to age that did for them rather than cross-processing.