Collin Brendemuehl
Living in Ohio.
Born in Wisconsin.
(Always longing for a fresh bag of curds. It's like a drug addiction. Sort of.)
College in Omaha.
Eastman 2-D 8x10, 3 lenses.
Wista 4x5, 2 lenses
D5 chassis with Dichro 2 and condenser heads.
Theologian, apologist, historian, and philosopher. (Plan to have MA completed next summer.)
Software developer and computing hobbyist -- since the 70s. Loved that Netronics Elf II!
(Lotus Notes, C, Java, and a host more, including odd stuff like AREV & Pick.)

My original "darkroom" was really a "dim area" that I could only use during winter months.
Cardboard covered the basement windows.
Even then it was only surrounded by curtains to keep out any extraneous light.
But it was dark enough for safe printing.

First serious 35 was a Canon G-III QL17 rangefinder. Great camera.
First SLR was a K1000. Pentax ever since.
Favorite rangefinder to shoot: Contax T2.

I tend to see things "long" -- so I like longer lenses and have not much use for really wide stuff.

My philosophy of photography: A picture speaks best when all who view it receive the same message. (None of that postmodern relativist garbage here!)