Hi again,

Long time i didn't post here, but longer time i didn't shoot film for some reasons, today i don't know why i decided just to test and play with one roll to see, exposed the roll even not proper or perfect exposure [i don't care much as the film DR latitude is bigger than digi.... so i can adjust it a bit better], developed the roll and viola.

First, i was shooting FP4+, stored in the fridge and expiry date is Jul2013, i kept the film out to be warmed a bit before taking the photo and i didn't took long time to develop it after that.

Second, i was using Ilfosol 3, i have another developers better, but i was planning to finish this bottle, and here is the point, i didn't use the developer for a while, maybe over 7 months or 8 not sure, the developer color was about light yellowish-brown, not exactly same as Ilfostop but almost closer a bit, so does that mean that the developer is dead or exhausted or not working efficiently?

The Ilfostop seems fine even not used for a while and i don't worry much about it, so i can neglect it in this case.

Last, the Ilford Rapid Fixer seems still has same transparent color, but in the measuring tube glass it was not so clear as water, it was a it foggy, not sure if that is from that cardboard cover on the top or something else, and because i wasn't using it for long time same as the developer then i don't know how long i should use it, i always use the fixer for 5 minutes whether new fresh liquid or used opened one, hadn't any issue before with that, so not sure if that foggy look means anything.

So after all those, i can't tell if the developer or the fixer was the issue, ah forgot to say that the temp of the developer i used 24C to be at least at 5min, but the other chemicals i used at 20C, hope i wasn't under uneven development effect then, in all cases, i am happy that the shots appeared and i can't wait to .... them to see, but the roll look is a bit different than other rolls i did before, it sounds the roll didn't processed enough or as if the developer wasn't enough to make the dense better, the black looks dark gray on the roll and i can see through the roll.

What do you think?