I'm getting weird results with 100TMX and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed any changes.

Last February I ran a set of BTZS-style film tests on a new box of 100TMX using DD-X 1+6. It's a testing procedure I have done many times. Things lined up as expected. I actually ran the test a few times and also confirmed in field tests, so I am pretty sure of those results.

Over the last 2 days I've tried to replicate those tests using another new box of 100TMX purchased in July. The results are significantly less contrasty than my February tests. For instance, my 8m curve is roughly about 0.20 G less than my February tests. In other words, using my densitometer and reading an exposed step tablet, that's a 1.34 vs. 1.62 density change. The curve looks fine as is the toe section, it's just that it never gets as much contrast as my February stock. My 8m curve actually looks more like a ~6m curve, like the whole curve has been pulled down or underdeveloped. It is a pretty significant difference.

I have done the test several times now and see the same thing each time. I have also re-tested 400TMY and those tests match my February tests (and thus confirm my testing procedures, developer, etc...)

The only variable is that each box was bought at a different time and from a different place, but both places are reputable and keep film stored properly, etc...

Has anyone else noticed that 100TMX (4x5) is perhaps less contrasty than it used to be a short while ago? I can't imagine that is changed this significantly or that there is this much variation between boxes but that is what I am seeing in a very controlled test. Perhaps I got a bad box? Is that a likely thing? I've never seen an inconsistency like this before between fresh boxes.

Any ideas would be welcome at this point.

David Jade