At first I thought dilution error but I have repeated the tests on both occasions (twice in February and 4 times now) and I get consistent results.

All my 100TMX February tests matched each other and all tests this week match each other, they just don't match between February and this week. Plus my 400TMY test this week perfectly matched my 400TMY test from February. Same developer, dilution, temperature, procedure, etc... between the two films types so I think that rules out dilution errors, temperature, etc... I'd say I am extremely careful when it comes to process and I have double-checked everything at this point.

My February tests for 100TMX are all very similar to what anyone else that has done this developer/dilution test has produced. I've compared them to at 3 other's tests (including one set from from Fred at VCS). My current tests from this week don't match anything else.

It really seems to be this batch of film as strange as that sounds.

At this point I guess I'm going to try and contact Kodak if I can. Perhaps I have a bad batch or an old batch or something.