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It's a relic. No parts+very little service=headaches. Couldn't cheap enough unless I was criticaly short of doorstops and paperweights.
?? I like relics, that's one reason I shoot film. I have a Six and a couple of Super 66, a bunch of lenses. They can make fine pictures and I very much like the way they feel and handle. The Six is particularly small, and the side handgrip makes it very easy to use. I don't think there is anything inherently poor about them. I suppose it's like anything, some people like 'em, some don't. When I have needed service or repair, Ross Yerkes has taken care of things with no delays. In general the 55, 150 and 250 go for about $150-200 ea on the 'bay, the Six body with 80mm about $200. The teleconverter and tubes are worth some money as they are a little more rare. I have had to have several of the leaf shutters in the lenses serviced- not unusual for a something 40 yrs ol-, this runs about $125 per lens.