I had a blast.

I was waiting until I got my negs back from the hour processor so I could include a link to some scans, but the negs were too dense for the minilab at Target to print. I'll have to wait until I get my film scanner moved to this house to scan them and see what's what.

Dunno what the issue was. I was shooting at 1/25 @ anywhere between 2 and 2.8 using Ilford XP2. (iso400 chromogenic).

Another roll I shot subsequent to that, also using 1/25 on the Zorki, all turned out just fine. The only thing I can think is that the fabric paint I used the night before to repair a pinhole in my shutter curtain might still have been tacky enough to cause a delay as the curtain was unrolling... naw, that can't be it, 'cause it's on a part of the curtain that's exposed when the shutter is cocked, so it would be WOUND on a spool during exposure, not UNWOUND.

Anyway... the outing was a feast for my eyes and mind. A wondefully diverse group of folks. Reminds me of the old saw:

"What do art students talk about when they get together?"
"Different schools of art thought, composition, creative motivation"
"What do artists talk about when THEY get together?"
"Where they found a good sale on brushes or canvas."

I think most of us are somewhere in between. I really hope we all (plus any other APUGgers we can pull into the fray) get together at least once every two months or so. Maybe we can alternate between input and output sessions. We could all go somewhere to shoot (abandoned rail yards, auto salvage yard, Dianna reminded me that there's an aircraft salvage yard around here that would be great), then the next meeting, we could go to a local gallery then compare notes on what we've seen as well as any prints we have from the previous meeting.

Maybe my images were so overexposed because everyone I was shooting was just so damn bright! :)