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I never find the optimal time for most of these "mixes" to really be a minute appart...

Again... I think some of the folks chiming in have never DONE it. I have and I posted my impression of REAL results.
APUG makes me nuts with folks guessing about stuff that they have no experiance with.

That massive dev chart is like the Wikipedia of processing. I have doubts about real testing and situations. For ME I have always found HP5 to be an ISO 250 film if developed by the ilford chart... and that's from Ilford, not some Wiki developemt chart.

vpwphoto --

a lot of what is posted here and other places
is opinion not based on experience or facts. someone heard of doing something
that someone they know's friend might have done, but not
with the same chemistry ... &C ..

apug is all the richer of a traditional photography website because people folks like YOU
have experience doing things and post the results of your findings.

apug drives me crazy sometimes too, but so do a lot of things