hmm... shooting two rolls of an event doesn't sound too bad. I normally shoot color and B&W in a single situation so usually have two rolls of film covering the events.

And yes, I do use Digital ICE on color film. Actually, I find it does a fantastic job in removing all the little dust spots and I also like how I don't have to "re-scan" in case the dust is so bad that I have to re-do it (which sometimes happens on my black and white film - no Digital ICE). However, Digital ICE makes the scanning times a lot longer.

Hmm... I may just send out my color (C41, etc.) to Richard Photo Labs and maybe do B&W in-house.

I've had labs do my scanning before but I've been very dissatisfied with the quality and also the price. The whole reason I bought my own scanner was to get much better quality scans. But now that it looks like I may have a high volume load, Richard Photo Labs sounds like the place to go