Assignment due in by December??......If only all photojournalists had that amount of time to complete an assignment!!!!.

Lesson 1. Editors always want your pictures in by yesterday!

I echo the above comments re. video rather than stills being desired. you have to understand that the printed media is dying, and the demand is now for web based material. For this medium, video clips are preferred. they can always grab a still frame from that if needed, unlike in the printed media, the stills quality doesn't have to be that good.

You say your daughter wants to photograph bands etc.?...I don't know what the situation is there, but here in the UK, the paparazzi mob have that area sewn up for themselves.

The pay within the profession here (in UK) used to be good, but now it is not, you'd earn more as a bus driver!....The reason being, there are simply too many trying to get on the bandwagon, and the powers that be take advantage of that. I'm afraid the onset of digital has "de-skilled" the profession...i.e. you no longer need to be techically proficient in photographic technique to get an "acceptable" result.

I tend to agree with the previous comment to "point your daughter in a different direction".....The competition is fierce in a rapidly dwindling market.