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This is just f*** great! Six weeks of testing for a new project and I committed myself to using Slavich because of it's beautiful cold toned matte paper. Ordered boxes of both #2 and #3 from Freestyle this week. It would have been nice to know that, that was it. There is no way this will be enough to get me through the project and into the future.

It's not about the price it's about the quality and having choices. I can't use Ilford Galerie for everything, some projects require a different look. I don't like the Kentmere surface anywhere near as well as the Slavich and I won't use it, as those 2 are the only cold toned papers I know.

I agree with Andrew, I'll gladly pay more if that's what it comes down to. and I will get it shipped from overseas if I have to, just to have access to this paper.

Does anyone else have a source in the UK? I can't find anyone else in the US that stocks it.
Tell me about it..I've settled on grade 2-3 and been testing it to taylor my negs to it and...poof. I have a stash but it will obviously not last forever. Unfortunately, no, there isn't anything like it and that really sucks. Simply saying I'll use Galerie or Foma, isn't going to cut it. It's like sprinkling Pecorino Romano on lasagna instead of Parmigiano Reggiano. Both taste good but it's not quite the way it should be

I would be happy to pay more and asked the wonderful rep at Freestyle if they would consider a large, pre-paid order. She said no, so obviously something else may be at the heart of the matter. I'm sure someone in Europe must have it.